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But what happens AFTER the 2/3 years
Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:38pm

Ok, but what happens AFTER the 2 to 3 year time frame is up?
Do we FIRE the firemen?
What to we do with their gear?
How does that affect the contracts?
What are the long term costs after the grant is spent?

  • Safer GrantAnonymous, Mon Sep 21 9:17pm
    The City has been awarded over $1.15 million dollars to hire 5 more firefighters from a federal FEMA grant. This covers all pay and benefits for 2 or 3 years. This money is free and unencumbered.... more
    • how much do these guys make a year???Anonymous, Sat Oct 3 1:16pm
      if its 3 years 77k a year? really??? 2 years 115k a year????? maybe we should have more discussions on "the level of service" we need.
      • I forgot...Anonymous, Sat Oct 3 1:21pm
        it's an election year.
    • Posted by:Anonymous, Tue Sep 22 8:41pm
      Posted by: a account. Is it proper to post on an anonymous site from a City computer?
    • But what happens AFTER the 2/3 years — Anonymous, Tue Sep 22 8:38pm
    • Re: Safer GrantAnonymous, Tue Sep 22 1:14pm
      Great job by the Norwood Firefighters for securing this grant. Hopefully council will accept this FREE money!!!!
      • Re: Safer GrantAnonymous, Tue Sep 22 2:41pm
        By free do you mean we all earned it and the gubment is giving it away?
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