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Mary, Marta's mother
for Leonora
Fri Dec 20, 2013 19:56

Marta and I are so touched by your message. Noone knows better than us what a difficult struggle this is. Marta is my hero. She has been so brave over these past 44 years. She is a blessing to us every day. Her life is so much simpler now in so many ways and she is doing well at almost 7 months post transplant. She wants you to know that going from a low protein diet is a challenge. She's very happy that she has been of help to you and wishes you the very best. Mary

  • MartaLEANORA, Thu Dec 19 10:32
    Hello Marta ,I have been reading your posts over the last few years ,and I wanted you to know that you have been an inspiration to me ,my daughter was born with citrullinemia and is the only one in... more
    • for Leonora — Mary, Marta's mother, Fri Dec 20 19:56
      • martaLeanora, Sun Jan 5 23:21
        I am glad to hear that she is doing well with the surgery ,I just wanted her to know that she helped me cope with Isabella having Citrullinema more than she will ever know ...God Bless you all and... more
        • MartaColleen, Tue Jan 7 18:42
          You are all an inspiration to me. I am not on the site often but whenever I had a question Marta was always one of the first to answer. I found out about this site about 21 years ago. A year after my ... more
          • for collenmarta, Wed Jan 8 12:08
            colleen it must have been horrible to lose a child to old was your child? do you have other children with otc? marta
            • Re: for collenAnonymous, Fri Jan 10 12:51
              Michael died of complications due to OTC when he was eight days old at sick children's hospital in toronto. I have had two children since, Lisa is 20 and not a carrier, and Frances is 18 years old... more
              • Anonymous responseColleen, Fri Jan 10 12:54
                Sorry Marta the last message for you came up anonymous...but it is me, colleen.
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