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Randall's 7th!!! Birthday (citrulineamia)
Thu Jan 15, 2015 06:13

Just wanted to say hi to you all and send positive healthy thoughts to you and your families!
Randall's 7th birthday has just passed- hard to believe it's been 7 years since we met our special little man..
On the 19th of January, will be his 7th angel anniversary... I hope that this week he is having fun with all the other UCD Angels in the sky.... We miss him so very much...
Love to everyone and I hope this new year is eventful in the best of ways!
Take care- we think of you all often!

Kind regards, Afton, Justin, Jack and Rixon and Randall in the sky.... Xxoo

    • for aftonmarta, Thu Jan 15 14:23
      Afton; happy new years to you too. Sorry for your loss. I was born with citrullinemia but not dignosed at 3 months cause of no newborn screening. I lived with citrullinemia for 44 year until for 2... more
      • Hi Marta! Afton, Thu Jan 15 16:03
        Hi Marta, Yes I've been following your story on here for the past 7 years! So glad to hear your transplant has been successful! We are so happy for you!! Randall died at 5 days old- there is no... more
        • for afton marta, Fri Jan 16 11:54
          afton, that has to be so hard no newborn screening when I was born ehtier. dr's did not know why I was so sick. it was my parents determation to keep me alive. I was thowing up all my mom's breast... more
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