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for afton
Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:54

afton, that has to be so hard no newborn screening when I was born ehtier. dr's did not know why I was so sick. it was my parents determation to keep me alive. I was thowing up all my mom's breast milk so she thought to give me sugar water to keep me alive no nurtional value but something. do you have any other children? marta

  • Hi Marta! Afton, Thu Jan 15 16:03
    Hi Marta, Yes I've been following your story on here for the past 7 years! So glad to hear your transplant has been successful! We are so happy for you!! Randall died at 5 days old- there is no... more
    • for afton — marta, Fri Jan 16 11:54
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