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France desjardins
cps deficienty (son Luc)
Thu Feb 26, 2015 08:03

Hello! It as been several years sine I have been on this site!! But I still fallow cause we all have are different story to tell. My son as CPS deficiency he is 22 years old. He add a lot of damage done at birth , so he is like a new born baby in a body of a 22 man!! The reason I am righting today is that he as the flu & the doctor prescribed him Clarithromycin I did tell my concern to the pharmacist, cause he is taking allot of meds. they sad it was ok. But I still have a filling that something is not right!
As anybody add any problems with that antibiotic before?

    • your son and minecolleen potts, Thu Mar 5 14:53
      Is your son doing better now? I had a son who was born April 21 1992. He had OTC and only lived for 8 days. It must be hard for you....even though I know you love him so much. Antibiotics will help... more
      • for Colleen PottsFrance, Fri Mar 6 07:37
        Hi Colleen , I live in New Brunswick not to fare from you!! Yes he is doing better : ) it took longer then expected to work but 6 day after he look & felled better. I am so sorry for the lost of your ... more
        • your son.colleen potts, Fri Mar 6 11:26
          My first is 24 and a son. He does not have the disorder. My husband and I had decided that if our second son lived we would have no more children, and even after sick kids told us there was no more... more
          • for Colleen PottsFrance, Mon Mar 9 08:03
            Hi Colleen, in cps deficiency both parents have to be carrier for us to have a sick child. 25% ok, 50% carrier & 25% sick. All the damage was made at birth. after we did not have to many problem with ... more
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