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colleen potts
your son.
Fri Mar 6, 2015 11:26

My first is 24 and a son. He does not have the disorder. My husband and I had decided that if our second son lived we would have no more children, and even after sick kids told us there was no more we could do for him I was afraid to have any more children. It was the pediatric doctor that told us about corionic Vila sampling which is to say test the unborn child about 12 weeks into the pregnancy, to see if another child would have the same disorder.
the result was rwo beautiful daughters. Thee youngest being a carrier like me.
does anyone else in your family exhibit symptoms? The females of course since we carry it.

  • for Colleen PottsFrance, Fri Mar 6 07:37
    Hi Colleen , I live in New Brunswick not to fare from you!! Yes he is doing better : ) it took longer then expected to work but 6 day after he look & felled better. I am so sorry for the lost of your ... more
    • your son. — colleen potts, Fri Mar 6 11:26
      • for Colleen PottsFrance, Mon Mar 9 08:03
        Hi Colleen, in cps deficiency both parents have to be carrier for us to have a sick child. 25% ok, 50% carrier & 25% sick. All the damage was made at birth. after we did not have to many problem with ... more
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