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for Colleen Potts
Mon Mar 9, 2015 08:03

Hi Colleen, in cps deficiency both parents have to be carrier for us to have a sick child. 25% ok, 50% carrier & 25% sick. All the damage was made at birth. after we did not have to many problem with the CPS. But we add a lot of problems with everything else : ( I am happy for you that you could have healthy children you are blest!! : )
I am not with the father anymore, I am with someone that as 2 beautiful girls & they love Luc they treat him like a big bother. they do all kind of thing for him. his room as all king of decoration that the girls did for him. I am bless to have found someone that accepted my son like there's!! : ) Thanks again
France : )

  • your son.colleen potts, Fri Mar 6 11:26
    My first is 24 and a son. He does not have the disorder. My husband and I had decided that if our second son lived we would have no more children, and even after sick kids told us there was no more... more
    • for Colleen Potts — France, Mon Mar 9 08:03
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