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Carbon Nanotubes - Nova World's Strongest Materials
Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:32pm


You've got to be kidding, it's as if this stuff is begging to be made into a space elevator cable.

Watching this video makes me wonder if the growth process might be guided or molded through a thin molecular sieve? Molecular sieves can have pores as small as 1-2 nanometers, and be made of silica which has an extremely high melting temperature, making it potentially compatible with the production of carbon nanotube forests.

Like 3D-printing the material would be grown layer-by-layer on top of the sieve, building up a forest of nanotubes that is slowly drawn downward, through the pores in the molecular sieve, and rolled onto a spool, eventually reaching hundreds of (mega)meters in length.

And maybe the sieves could be arranged like tiles so that the diameter of the final nanotube cable can be scaled to millimeters or even centimeters thick depending on the application.


    • Or maybe...News Junkie, Sat Oct 15 3:54pm
      Maybe the gases would pass through the molecular sieve and fuse to the tops of the nanotube forest below, and as the carbon nanotubes grow taller, the wafer would be slowly lowered. Or maybe it can... more
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        Publication Lots of detail there. They mention a "moving furnace". I have to wonder why CNTs would stop growing at 1 cm or 55 cm, or any length. It seems like the only reason they don't have km-long... more
        • MATERIALS AND METHODSNews Junkie, Sun Oct 16 7:51am
          Synthesis of Ultralong CNTs with Different Conditions . The substrates were silicon slices (5-10 cm long, 0.5-1 cm wide, and 0.5 mm thick) with a 500 nm thick SiO2 layer. The growth of CNTs was... more
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