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Archimedes Spiral space station design
Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:08am

Spacehab modules could be strung together like a bunch of linked sausages to form an Archimedes Spiral. A space station built like this with a 2-km outer radius could have an unbroken string of 10000 or more modules strung together in a continuous inwardly winding spiral. Identical modules could be used, rather than customizing the lengths for a given radius from center of rotation. Trains could run on a single track to deliver people & goods to all modules. Even better is that the length of the space station axis of rotation would not have be increased to accommodate each new ring of habitats. Also, Archimedes Spiral space stations could be stacked together, eventually forming a long hollow cylinder with many floors in the outer wall, but all connected in a potentially UNBROKEN manner. For example, a cylinder having a 2000-meter outer radius and a 50-turn, 10-meter Archimedes Spiral sloping landscape would have a 549 km pseudo-circumference. If it was 5.7-km long then the interior would contain an UNBROKEN surface area of approx. 3000 sq.km., roughly equal to Rhode Island.

    • continuedEx-News Junkie, Sun Jul 23 4:37pm
      I've previously posted my opinion that agricultural facilities in space might not need artificial gravity and could be simply flat arrays of cylindrical greenhouses with light pipes running down... more
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