Ex-News Junkie
Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:37pm

I've previously posted my opinion that agricultural facilities in space might not need artificial gravity and could be simply flat arrays of cylindrical greenhouses with light pipes running down their axes.

Therefore the rotating Archimedes Spiral would be entirely for living space and recreation. A surface area of 3000 square km is enough for 21.5 million 1500-square-foot 3-4 bedroom homes. So... ample space for maybe a population of 60-80 million, equal or greater than that of many countries. In fact only 23 out of 220 countries in the world have a population greater than 60 million.

  • Archimedes Spiral space station designEx-News Junkie, Sun Jul 23 10:08am
    Spacehab modules could be strung together like a bunch of linked sausages to form an Archimedes Spiral. A space station built like this with a 2-km outer radius could have an unbroken string of 10000 ... more
    • continued — Ex-News Junkie, Sun Jul 23 4:37pm
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