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The Big Bang
Wed Aug 2, 2017 6:30pm

So maybe mass determines the tightness of the spiral dimensions, which in turn determines whether the spiral manifests as an angular dimension (or imaginary, or lateral dimension) or whether the spiral manifests as a radial dimension (spatial, directly observable). The higher the mass, the tighter the spiral and the more apparent gravitation between two objects. Perhaps the angular dimensions have enormous mass-energy bound up in them.

Maybe they were all angular dimensions at one time. If 14 billion years ago, something caused one of the angular dimensions to "unfurl" into a non-circular logarithmic spiral, then space-time would "inflate" and perhaps enough energy would be released to cause a shower of around 10^80 particles, which would be dragged along with the expansion of space - spawning our visible universe!

Cool idea.

Here is an image of the spiral tracks created by subatomic particles in a high-energy particle accelerator cloud chamber.

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