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Phenomena I've attempted to address
Thu Aug 3, 2017 7:07pm

- a mechanism for the early hot dense state of universe as a very large particle shower trapped in a very small (but inflating) space, both resulting from the energy released when a circular dimension (polar-angle-like) turned into a spiral dimension (radial-space-like)

- a mechanism for early inflation of the universe as an unspooling/unfurling/unzipping of a single spiral (radial-spatial) dimension

- a mechanism for late inflation of the universe, a.k.a. dark energy, since spirals do some funky things as their parameters change

- curvature of space using spiral geometry which is self explanatory

- precession of orbits as spiral geometry

- superposition of multiple spirals as basis of gravitation

- paths of orbits as circular or elliptical spirals

- paths of subatomic particles as spirals

- extant but not directly observable phenomena as occurring in a 5th dimension that exists laterally from our directly observable space-time, e.g. black holes, negative numbers, imaginary numbers, etc.

- curved spiral space as an underlying reason for the widespread occurrence of spirals in nature, e.g. shapes of galaxies, seashells, orbits, etc.

Not bad! Here's another pretty picture:

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