Hi yoyo.,
Wed Aug 9, 2017 9:43pm

Thank you for your wishes... :)

Going back down to the mall on Thurs night? Sounds like fun.

Remember the pictures of the Stealth.. they are still on one of my old computers in case I ever get back on it one day lol The disc drive was scratched when it fell off the table while it was defraging years ago. It's in a box with two others that bit the dust over the years. When all the old broken , not working computer awaken and rise up again, I will be able to retrieve all my things. :)

  • Happy Birthday ItBMeyoyo, Thu Aug 3 7:22am
    Are you in stealth mode? My radar is not picking you up.
    • Hi yoyo., — ItBme, Wed Aug 9 9:43pm
    • HappybirthdayKen C, Thu Aug 3 5:40pm
      Everyone here is getting older
      • Thank you for the BD wishesItBme, Wed Aug 9 9:29pm
        You are so very right... lol Hi Ken,I hope all is well with you.. still riding?
        • Yes, still riding.Ken C, Thu Aug 10 12:06am
          I can feel various parts of my body getting older and weaker. I don't use a speedometer or stopwatch on bike rides like I did when I was younger and faster.
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