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String Theory
Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:13pm

What if everything in the cosmos is a string?

3-dimensional space could be an illusion... It could be two angular dimensions and one radial dimension, i.e. spherical coodinates. The angular dimensions could be strings that are rolled up into archimedes spirals, and the radial dimension could be a string that reaches out and connects every pair of quarks in the universe, so that every quark is connected to every other quark by a one dimensional string. Each string could have four different vibration modes: up-down, left-right, longitudinal, and torsional. Each vibrational mode could represent one of the four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, strong, and weak force. The amplitude could represent the mass or the charge or somesuch. The string could "bunch up" if there is sufficient acceleration causing a length contraction/time dilation/mass increase in the direction of travel, i.e. toward another particle, in the same way as the doppler effect can change the frequency of sound, it can change the frequency of "transitions" of all kinds by which we measure the passage of time. When two black holes merge on the other side of the universe, the gravitational waves travel along the strings to every other particle in the universe and they are eventually affected. A particle doesn't travel through space, it coils up the string(s) between itself and another particle(s).

Problem: How do particle showers occur? Do new particles instantaneously form strings between themselves and every other particle in the universe? Why not. It's spooky. Maybe strings thicken and then split longitudinally if they are in a collision energetic enough to cause a particle shower. But what about the 10^80 other strings, wouldn't they have to split off with the new particle too? Hmmm...

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