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S(pring) Theory
Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:27pm

A string that vibrates is acting like a spring. Springs store energy. Hooke's Law:

E = k . x^2


So when a particle travels through space it is transferring energy in & out of the spring, to & from other springs. To and from other strings.

Are strings finite or infinite in length?

Can a "network effect" make forces seem to act at infinite distance?

Could strings be made of a particular thing that exists in the "imaginary" dimension, not constrained by spacetime, only forming an "apparent" radial dimension (or force) when energy is transferred or transformed in a specific way...

Spooky, act-at-a-distance forces, might be extant abstract states that only exist in the lateral dimension, not directly observable, having only apparent effects that we can observe.

This flatlander is puzzled indeed!

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    • S(pring) Theory — Ex-News Junkie, Mon Aug 28 6:27pm
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