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Lists of Unsolved Problems
Mon Sep 4, 2017 8:45am

Wiki - Lists of Unsolved Problems

I'm pretty sure some of these have been solved, and there are a few that are a little silly like: "Why does time only go in one direction?" Pffft. See Spot run.

  • Leonard Susskind at Stanford Lectures on String TheoryEx-News Junkie, Thu Aug 31 9:51am
    I found this interesting Playlist . Not that I understand any of it, but it's a good way to waste time when you've got nothing else to do. Another interesting alternative are sci-fi anthology... more
    • Lists of Unsolved Problems — Ex-News Junkie, Mon Sep 4 8:45am
      • May as well be a list of unacquired coursesEx-News Junkie, Mon Sep 11 10:44am
        One goes through life trying to understand things that others have already figured out. What should I learn next? The human brain is born empty of knowledge. It would be a true breakthrough if... more
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