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May as well be a list of unacquired courses
Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:44am

One goes through life trying to understand things that others have already figured out. What should I learn next?

The human brain is born empty of knowledge. It would be a true breakthrough if someone could figure out how to bestow the sum total of all human knowledge on everyone, everywhere, simultaneously. Then everyone would be on the cutting edge.

Either some serious breakthroughs would be made, or we'd all be as bored as I am.

  • Lists of Unsolved ProblemsEx-News Junkie, Mon Sep 4 8:45am
    Wiki - Lists of Unsolved Problems I'm pretty sure some of these have been solved, and there are a few that are a little silly like: "Why does time only go in one direction?" Pffft. See Spot run.
    • May as well be a list of unacquired courses — Ex-News Junkie, Mon Sep 11 10:44am
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