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In fact it's even worse
Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:44pm

It is basically a plot of all odd numbers. The only reason they are prime numbers is because they've been checked beforehand to eliminate odd numbers that are multiples of smaller numbers.

Every number is a multiple of 1.
Every 2nd number is a multiple of 2.
Every 3rd number is a multiple of 3.
Every 4th number is a multiple of 4.
EVERY 5TH NUMBER is a multiple of 5.
... and so on.

Which ones are prime? Only the numbers for which the multiples of smaller numbers don't line up and instead leave a remainder. We keep numbers that are only multiples of 1. We eliminate the rest. An arbitrary rule. No wonder the result seems to have a pattern and yet is irreducible.

  • It's just a coincidenceEx-News Junkie, Sat Aug 19 9:31pm
    If you write the numbers out from 1 to 30, then cross out all the even numbers, then cross out any number that is divisible by 3,5,7 or 9, what remains are the root angles. You can plot the result in ... more
    • In fact it's even worse — Ex-News Junkie, Mon Sep 18 5:44pm
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