The Gryphon
It's good to learn new things every day.
Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:15am

I still love to learn new things so I just assume others do, too.

MOTU is my "home" BBS. Many of us "old timers" started out decades ago on the old MSNBC and when that shut down, somehow we ended up here. This used to be a thriving discussion board where we "visited" with one another as much as discussing various topics, or asking questions that were a mystery to us, but there are (were) a LOT of very smart folks with knowledge to provide answers (or not, which sometimes was an answer in itself, right?)

I cannot post on the R&E Board because I am ANTI-Religion. I belong to NO Religion (not even Wicca), because I've always resisted being told what to believe, and I suspect Religions to be forms of mind-control. I refuse to be controlled by anything other than my own Ethics....

I do Celebrate some Holidays (Solstices, Equinoxes, Samhain (Halloween), New Year's, St. Pat's (my heritage is Irish), etc.,) but I don't keep an "altar" nor dance around bonfires (I live in the southern Ozarks of Arkansas now, so I dare not risk starting a wildfire, nor offending those who might think burning a cross on my front lawn is a GOOD thing!)

As far as "Flame Wars" go, I've always tried to avoid them. I took Debate in High School, and insulting the opponent wasn't productive to either side....

So, I fly into Mysteries of the Universe periodically now (used to do so daily), to see if there's a good discussion, or any of my old friends have posted. Too many of us have passed on to the "Great Unknown" and, no doubt, it will soon be my turn, too.....

I do enjoy reading most of your posts, although I seldom reply to them. Wish others would, however.

Universe is Changing, not just the Climate. Humans seem to be losing their humanity - de-evolution in progress? Scary and nothing I can do about it except observe and remind my kids, grandkids, great-grandkids to be Aware & Informed as much as possible, and don't let the News give you a heart attack (a reminder from my Doctor just recently, LOL!)

I do wish MOTU had more active posters, but nothing lasts forever. As long as you post, and I read, we're good, right? ;-)

The Gryphon

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    but I didn't know what Mabon was, so I looked it up. In case you are wondering, either most people have moved their conversations to Religion & Ethics, or Civilized General Discussion, or the other... more
    • It's good to learn new things every day. — The Gryphon, Sun Sep 24 3:15am
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