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Starfield Effects at 66 percent of the speed of light
Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:10pm

The starship would be a "slow boat" to the stars, with an actual speed of only 16 km/sec. But time would run very slowly inside the relativistic centrifuge. If there were a window (more likely a screen) showing a forward view, the starship would appear to be traveling toward Alpha Centauri at 66 percent of the speed of light. Oort Cloud objects including asteroids, comets, and dwarf planets would be zipping past in real time, probably visible in the infrared spectrum:

  • Massaging the numbers a bitEx-News Junkie, Sat Oct 28 11:34am
    Relativistic Centrifuge with Magnetic Levitation RPM = 28628071 RPS = 477135 Radius = 100 meters Rim speed = c-1 = 299792457 m/s Lorentz Factor = 12243 Centripetal acceleration = 898,755,172,740,968... more
    • Starfield Effects at 66 percent of the speed of light — Ex-News Junkie, Sat Oct 28 4:10pm
      • Making things a bit more difficultEx-News Junkie, Sun Oct 29 8:07am
        Time dilation would vary along the radius of the centrifuge. The design calls for a rim speed of c-1 m/s to give a Lorentz factor of 12243. However, objects stored in the centrifuge are not... more
        • CorrectionEx-News Junkie, Sun Oct 29 8:24am
          200,000 km is 2.3-times the diameter of a geosynchronous orbit around Earth, and nowhere near the size of the Moon's orbit. My bad! This size starship is actually in about the same ball park as many... more
          • Imagery from the movie "Jupiter Ascending"Ex-News Junkie, Sun Oct 29 8:28am
            • Roadmap to Interstellar CivilizationEx-News Junkie, Sun Oct 29 9:24pm
              It seems clear how a starship would eventually be built: First a geosynchronous station would be constructed. A single space elevator cable dropped to the surface of the Earth, and a counterbalance... more
              • Slow Boat versus Hot Rod to the starsEx-News Junkie, Sat Nov 4 11:52pm
                Slow Boat Hot Rod Limiting Factor ok X propellant ok X shielding ok X refuel/resupply ok ok maintenance ok ok geometry & structural stability X ok g-forces X ok freedom of movement of passengers and... more
                • Starship Size ComparisonEx-News Junkie, Mon Nov 6 6:17pm
                  Below is a comparison of the sizes of a Space Elevator Ring, and a Starship Ring, neatly sandwiched between the Earth and the Moon's orbit. Image is to scale in units of km.
                  • Some professional stuffEx-News Junkie, Sat Nov 11 5:40pm
                    Science Magazine Abstract ... "We measured the elastic properties and intrinsic breaking strength of free-standing monolayer graphene membranes by nanoindentation in an atomic force microscope. The... more
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