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Roadmap to Interstellar Civilization
Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:24pm

It seems clear how a starship would eventually be built:

First a geosynchronous station would be constructed. A single space elevator cable dropped to the surface of the Earth, and a counterbalance cable extended upward to 100,000 km radius.

More space elevator stations would be built around the equator until they could be joined together into a continuous ring around the Earth, providing all major cities with vertical access to space. Over time most people would migrate into space, since that's where all the jobs would be. Eventually, almost no one would be living on Earth - life in space would be preferred. Earth would become a nature preserve, and the ring a world ship.

Space elevator rings would then be used as colossal jigs to build interstellar ships, each with diamagnetic artificial gravity and a relativistic centrifuge (an you thought the alien ship in "Independence Day: Resurgence" was big!). They would carry the whole population of the world - billions of people - to the stars, and each having maintenance crews numbering in the hundreds of thousands. They could harvest resources from other planets, comets & asteroids in the same way they were constructed, by encircling and anchoring to the planet with space elevator cables.

Space being the preferred way of life at that point, the ships would slowly move away from Sol system, seeking out new star systems, to start a new life and new civilization - to boldly go where no one has gone before!

People of the 21st century stand in a similarly dubious position as people who lived 1000 years ago, asking ourselves questions such as why we were born here, why now, what is the point of it all, and where is it all headed? We must be content to dream of the future, and content that our descendants will live it.

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