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Hypothetical technique for continuous room temperature
Fri Dec 1, 2017 4:56pm

production of defect free graphene film by bombarding a BAM-coated nickel cylinder with supersonic buckyballs or reduced graphene oxide droplets carried by standard atmospheric gas emitted from a circular array of de Laval nozzles. The supersonic impact of the buckyballs unzips their molecular structure and causes them to bond to adjacent graphene fragments and also simultaneously healing any defects in the layer. The cylinder forms a continuous defect-free tubular graphene layer with no edges. The graphene tube is drawn upward, sliding off the low-friction BAM-coated nickel cylinder, continuously pulled by pinch rollers onto a film winder. This process eliminates the need for high temperature quartz tube furnaces and exotic atmospheres for production of graphene film so that it is amenable to mass production at low cost.

Hypothetical process extrapolated from Wikipedia.

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