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Geometric Growth
Sat Dec 2, 2017 12:11pm

If each space elevator could launch enough cable spools to build an other space elevator every two days, then the number of space elevator installations would double every two days...

The time to build a global space elevator ring comprising 1800 installations would be reduced from 10 years to just 22 days. A very attractive timeline indeed. Now we just need to prove the materials aspect...

It is like an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in bacon...

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    - (edit) After 10 years of operation, the first space elevator could lift 14,400 cable spools to GEO. Concurrently, the cable spools could be assembled in groups of eight, and each group moved into... more
    • Geometric Growth — Ex-News Junkie, Sat Dec 2 12:11pm
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        1. gas lights --> electric lights (ubiquitous) 2. wood stoves --> electric stoves (ubiquitous) 3. abacus --> electronic computer (ubiquitous) 4. sun dial --> digital watch (ubiquitous) 5. astrolabe... more
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