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What hasn't been improved by electrification?
Sat Dec 2, 2017 3:29pm

1. gas lights --> electric lights (ubiquitous)

2. wood stoves --> electric stoves (ubiquitous)

3. abacus --> electronic computer (ubiquitous)

4. sun dial --> digital watch (ubiquitous)

5. astrolabe --> global positioning system navigation (ubiquitous)

6. pony express --> smart phone (ubiquitous)

7. gasoline car --> hybrid ethanol-electric car (growth market)

8. jet fueled airplane --> hybrid biofuel-supercap airplane (under development)

9. Earth-to-Orbit rocket --> space elevator (near future)

10. Orbital transfer or interplanetary rocket --> VASIMR (near future)

11. nuclear thermal rocket --> fusion powered magsail (medium term future)

12. generation starship concepts --> relativistic circular accelerator starship concepts (long term future)

The list goes on...

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    • What hasn't been improved by electrification? — Ex-News Junkie, Sat Dec 2 3:29pm
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