My latest fixation is Bruceseesall.
Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:38pm

Finally there is someone able to take up where Hoagland left off in his pioneering work discovering artificial constructs on and in the moon surface. Now that Bruce has his Celestron 1400HD and the other expensive high tech equipment to further zoom in on the offending structures, those of my ilk will be singing merry. Title of song? I Told You So, by the Sardonics.

    • mentally retarded chimpanzee. DFM
      • Sad. Clearly you are miredPH🌗🌍🌓EY, Tue Feb 13 6:34am
        in a bias against those who are professional amateur astronomers. What can one say about you who has stated more than once that the moon has no color. LOLS! Bruceseesall is an excellent teacher. He... more
        • No fancy Photoshop can change that fact. DFM
          • PS: NASA created a fake all-red Mars,PH🌗🔴🌍EY, Wed Feb 14 7:51am
            too. The sky was red. The surface and dust and rocks were tweaked into a false, fake, disingenuous red color. Now it has been corrected to the honest true color. What does Mars remind us of? Arizona. ... more
            • Use your own eyes to see it. DFM
              • So too is the Sahara Desert andPH🌗🔴🌓EY, Thu Feb 15 7:02am
                the American Southwest imaging from outer space. You should search out some latest images from the Rover cameras. Many of them are excellent and show a Arizona landscape. Blue skies, yellow and white ... more
            • They sure fooled wikipedia!jb, Wed Feb 14 10:10am
              "Red Planet" because the reddish iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance that is distinctive among the ...
              • Iron oxide does not a red planet make.PH🌗🌓EY, Wed Feb 14 12:21pm
                I have been reviewing rover images. Where is the red? Is Arizona red? You need to detox your NASA-warped brain washing.
          • I cannot pull up PH🌗👽🌓Ey, Wed Feb 14 7:19am
            every explanation for why there is color on the moon. Red and brown regolith, blue and purple rocks, etc. Jade Rabbit proves this! What type of telescope?
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