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Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:42am

Bruce Swartz' great discoveries. He has shown NASA up for not leveling with we the people. Structures all over the moon. AMAZING!! Hoagland was right! I have been following this subject for at least 25 years. And slowly the truth arrives from an amateur astronomer who resides in the area of Montreal, Canada. Cannot wait for the weather to clear there. His new 1400HD 10,000 dollar Celestron will focus in real close. That and his very expensive enhancement camera attachments and assorted techno wizardry should show moon people holding up placards welcoming us. That will cinch it and only recalcitrants such as DFM will continue with disbelief in spite of overwhelming visual evidence by the crater full.

    • I deleted a few of the extra threads.
      • Why not?PH👀👀EY, Sat Feb 24 5:51am
        I saw the rule. Went down and counted DFMs in tandem posts. You did not admonish him. So why me. Not only that, the board is nearly moribund. I felt I was helping out to keep it alive. Let's at least ... more
    • bigger telescopes cannot? Answer, Bruce is a liar, and if you truly believe him, you are a total fool. DFM
      • I believe. I believe👏🏾PH👀💂🏿👀RY, Sat Feb 24 10:37am
        Another example of Plasma craft. To the left of Tesla auto junk. Note V notch in disc circumference. Signature!! Hahahaha......
      • Don't ask me.PH😝🚀😝EY, Fri Feb 16 11:34am
        Others with bigger telescopes have smaller brains? People in the main do not see that in front of their eyes. They do not look for the goodies because it never occurs to them. How many sheeple do you ... more
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