Henceforth the term
Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:43am

UFO will be replaced with the more reliable up to date understandings. SPACECRAFT. And spaceship. Granted, the motion behaviors give the appearance of moving insects, cockroaches, fleas, nats, and dragonflies. This oddity is likely the variables of the oscillating force field surrounding these spacecraft. Those encapsulated onboard would not notice pitch, yaw, or G-forces. All one needs to do is watch the control screen panel on the dash or the one in their mind's eye. By the way the craft on the moon sre huge, easily two or three miles in diameter. Do not fret. We are BELOW the abilities of the Angels, whether Michael or Lucifer. And our race does have angelic protectors,

    • HOT OFF THE PRESS!!PH💿👽💿EY, Wed Mar 21 9:03am
      Blow your feeble minds. Gird your loins. The earth's moon is alive and covered in camo-structures. The latest: One......a study of a gigantic lunar structure. Two......critter-crafts traveling to and ... more
    • Bruceseesall all has outdone himself!!PH💿👽💿EY, Tue Mar 20 6:05pm
      A spacecraft emerges from a craters edge. Others flit about. And at 6:03 the lunar surface is awash with specks is that pop in and out. It's amazing. And Bruce Swartz has proven the correlation... more
    • Bruce sees all (Bruceseesall) has done it again.PH💿👽💿EY, Tue Mar 20 11:42am
      He has further slowed down the live UFO footage you all have seen in my previous posts. This makes the viewing pleasure even more astonishing. The spacecraft are not observable unless in very very... more
      • Corrected4th video down , Tue Mar 20 11:46am
    • Spacecraft and flashing lights on lunar surface.PH👽🚀👽EY, Tue Mar 20 4:27am
      Bruceseesall (Bruce Swartz) has further refined the viewing experience of his stunning recent moon surface images. He has slowed down his slow down of the live footage. This allows a better closer... more
    • A US Space Command? LOLS 😂PH🌖🌎🌔EY, Fri Mar 16 8:09am
      Good luck! Does anyone entertain the notion that human technology can compete with Alien technology? Given the factual hard empirical evidence of spacecraft dominating our earth's atmosphere, and... more
    • I prefer "Flying Saucer".DFM, Wed Mar 14 3:54pm
      • You are dated.PH😳👽😚EY, Wed Mar 14 5:55pm
        Nobody uses that term nowadays. You might as well say pie plate or tea cup...chortle😆. But, use whatever suits your image. Spacecraft are what they are until evidence proves or not they are... more
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