Bizarre vehicles flying on the moon:
Sun Jun 3, 2018 5:59am

Yep, Bruce Sees All has again skunked the skunks at NASA. His May 24 video proves evermore resolutely that the moon is a kind of "bee hive" arcology. All manner of flight patterns, sizes, "color," flitting about in plain view. So how is it that NASA has failed to inform the public? One supposes that August agency did give a great big hint something had occurred. They shut down the Apollo Program, destroyed the Saturn 5 rockets, and no man has set foot on the occupied lunar surface since those heady days that saw the US public more enthused than at anytime ever about a government program. Odd, that cancellation that had the full support of the people. Well, now we know why the program was cancelled. THEY GOT SCARED! Any talk about going back to install manned lunar bases is just so much poppycock. Its PR BS to obfuscate what is known.....the moon is infested with crafts and creatures!! Enjoy:


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