Are you suggesting
Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:41am

the earth is shrinking from prune into a raisin? How will the plate tectonics operate in such a scenario? And how does this impact the ocean waters?

  • Sources of heat in the Earth's core:DFM, Mon Jun 18 12:41pm
    1. Radioactive decay 2. Heat of solidification released as the inside of the liquid core solidifies and the solid core grows. 3. Referring to #2 above, as the core solidifies, the liquid core gets a... more
    • Are you suggesting — GOG, Tue Jun 19 6:41am
      • But a reduction of diameter of one or a few meters would not have much effect other than producing huge quantities of heat . I am talking in reduction of the Earth's radius by less than one part per... more
        • Thank you.G🤔G, Fri Jul 6 7:03pm
          You do know about the concept that Pangea began with a much smaller earth. The earth has expanded so the adherents say.
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