Almost died! And it's a mystery!
Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:07pm

On June 19 I was rushed to the ER with 104 fever for 3 days, extreme dizziness, headache, zero appetite, extreme thirst, stiff neck, nausea and vomiting and general lethargy. The diagnosis? Both Meningitis AND Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They said either could have killed me and both together SHOULD have killed me but the worst they did (which was bad enough) was that the high fever for so long severely damaged my sight and hearing. The sight is slowly improving but leaving me with cataracts, which they'll deal with at a later time. But even though the blur is clearing I still feel like I'm looking through smoke. But the hearing loss is permanent. They are doing a hearing test in about a month and then will either fit me with hearing aids or a cochlear implant. So, I can't talk on the phone 'cause I can't hear them and can't even hear it ring. Can't watch TV 'cause I can't see or hear it. To be on the computer I have to increase the font size to HUGE!

Now, here's the mystery. How did I get Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? I live near Galveston, TX. We don't have ticks on our property. Never have since hubby was a child, and he grew up here. He can't remember EVER having a tick here. Besides, I no longer go for walks in the pasture or woods. The experts say a tick has to bite you for between 6 and 10 hours in order to transfer this disease. I've NEVER had a tick. So, how the heck did I get the disease? Experts say that's the ONLY way you can get it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Meantime, as far as my health, I'm still very weak, still get dizzy a lot. Starting to notice neurological symptoms like tremors and not feeling it when I'm touched and a LOT of muscle weakness. Coupled with the hearing and vision loss, I guess I'm really lucky to be alive.

    • Might I weigh in here?G😳💉🤔G, Wed Nov 7 9:00pm
      Perhaps you were misdiagnosed? How close are you to the southern border? There are so many new (and improved) diseases nowadays. Did you get a flu shot? Recently? Do you have well water? Any fracking ... more
    • I'm glad you survived.Ken C, Thu Jul 19 5:56am
      That sounds like something I could get, because I go for bicycle rides on mountain trails. I can't explain why you got it and not me. I'll remember to be careful of ticks from now on.
      • Re: I'm glad you survived.Starshine, Thu Jul 19 8:39am
        Yes, Ken, please DO BE CAREFUL!!! It's a horrible disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. So be very careful. Since I'm nowhere near any of the places that ticks that carry this disease are... more
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