VERY Scary. Glad that you are still with us. (nm)
Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:05pm

  • Almost died! And it's a mystery!Starshine, Wed Jul 18 9:07pm
    On June 19 I was rushed to the ER with 104 fever for 3 days, extreme dizziness, headache, zero appetite, extreme thirst, stiff neck, nausea and vomiting and general lethargy. The diagnosis? Both... more
    • Might I weigh in here?G😳💉🤔G, Wed Nov 7 9:00pm
      Perhaps you were misdiagnosed? How close are you to the southern border? There are so many new (and improved) diseases nowadays. Did you get a flu shot? Recently? Do you have well water? Any fracking ... more
    • VERY Scary. Glad that you are still with us. (nm) — DFM, Sun Jul 22 8:05pm
    • I'm glad you survived.Ken C, Thu Jul 19 5:56am
      That sounds like something I could get, because I go for bicycle rides on mountain trails. I can't explain why you got it and not me. I'll remember to be careful of ticks from now on.
      • Re: I'm glad you survived.Starshine, Thu Jul 19 8:39am
        Yes, Ken, please DO BE CAREFUL!!! It's a horrible disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. So be very careful. Since I'm nowhere near any of the places that ticks that carry this disease are... more
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