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The Firecracker
was Leone jewish?
Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:15pm

The Macaroni western taizen poster book claims him to be.

I've never heard of this info.

    • Re: was Leone jewish?Arizona Colt, Wed Feb 4 10:43pm
      I don't know, but you're a faggot, Firecracker.
    • They thought so because he directed...BvS, Sat Nov 29 8:20am
      ... gangster epic about the jewish mafia. He was not jewish!
      • ChutzpahTT, Sat Nov 29 12:13pm
        There is also the tale that he pretended to be a Jewish film crew in order to get permission to work on Sundays -this was so he could borrow equipment from another crew who could only loan it out on... more
        • Speaking of which...John Nudge, Sat Nov 29 6:48pm
          ...Leone described Lee Van Cleef as a "Dutch Jew." Did Van Cleef have any specific religious identity? Just curious.
          • Further discussion on LVC's religion...DCG, Tue Dec 2 12:07am
            ...can be found here (inspired by your question, John): At the moment, there are 2 threads right at the top of the first page...but as with the... more
          • Only mention that I recall from...DCG, Mon Dec 1 6:17pm
            ...Mike Malloy's LVC: Bio, Film & TV Ref is this line: "He attended camps and retreats with the Boy Scouts and the YMCA." While the BSA has become much more overtly Religious today than the Scouts... more
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