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Turkish Spaghetti Westerns
Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:53am

I have been hunting down turkish spaghetti westerns for some time now. I have more or less all the video's that were released. but their were loads of movies never released on video, some were broadcasted on turkish tv over the years other movies are only in possesion of private collecters (they have the master film) I got dvdr's of some of these movies ....... since these movies are very unknown I started to review them.

so these are the turkish westerns that I have in my collection. a few of them are anatolian westerns.......but the are spaghetti anuff to include them.
(anatolian western is a turkish mountain drama)

- Ahmet Sert (1963) Intikam hirsi
- Aram Gülyüz (1974) Atini seven kovboy
- Bilge Olgaç (1971) Üçünüze bir mezar
- Çetin Inanç (1970) Çeko
- Çetin Inanç (1973) Daglarin oglu = Dag kurdu
- Guido Zurli (1973) Küçük kovboy
- Ilhan Encin (1972) Batida olum var = Batida kan Vardi
- Irfan Atasoy (1970) Yedi belalilar
- Kartal Tibet (1979) Umudumuz Saban
- Kemal Kan (1970) Ölüm fermani
- Mehmet Aslan (1970) Zagor
- Mehmet Aslan (1971) Her kursuna 1 ölü
- Mehmet Aslan (1971) Sevimli haydut
- Mehmet Dinler (1971) Cilali ibo Teksas Fertihi
- Nazmi Ozer (1971) Cesur
- Nazmi Ozer (1972) Kanun adami
- Nisan Hançer (1971) Zagor Kara Bela
- Nisan Hançer (1971) Zagor Karakorsan'in hazineleri
- Nuri Akinci (1971) Hey amigo! 5 mezlar - Hey Amigo Sartana
- Nuri Ergün (1967) Çifte tabancali damat
- Remzi Jöntürk (1967) Cango, Olum Suvarisi
- Savas Esici (1969) Ölümsüzler
- T. Fikret Uçak (1971) Çilginlar ordusu
- T. Fikret Uçak (1971) Vahsetin esirleri
- Taner Oguz (1972) Tom Braks - seytan tirnagi
- Tunç Basaran (1971) Korkusuz Kaptan Swing
- Tunç Basaran (1971) Vur
- Tunç Basaran (1972) Sehvet
- Türker Inanoglu (1967) Kader bagi
- Yavuz Figenli (1975) Dadaloglu'nun intikami
- Yavuz Yalinkiliç (1971) Proffessyoneller
- Yücel Uçanoglu (1970) Krallarin öfkesi
- Yilmaz Atadeniz (1966) Kovboy Ali
- Yilmaz Atadeniz (1968) Maskeli besler
- Yilmaz Atadeniz (1968) Maskeli beslerin dönüsü
- Yilmaz Atadeniz (1969) Zorro kamcili süvari
- Yilmaz Atadeniz (1972) Ölmek var dönmek yok
- Zafer Davutoglu (1967) Kanunsuz kahraman - Ringo Kid

Im still after some if anymbody can help me ...... would be great!

these Im still looking for:
Ahmet Sert (1972) Belalilar sehri
Ahmet Ündağ (1972) Ve Güneşe Kan Sıçradı
Aram Gülyüz (1970) Ret Kid
Ferdi Merter (1971) Ipini boynunda bil
Kayahan Arikan (1969) Maskeli Süvari Tom Miks'e karsi
Kayahan Arikan (1971) Simdi silah konusacak - Pekos Bill
Melih Gülgen (1971) Zapata
Melih Gülgen (1972) Çapulcular
Melih Gülgen (1972) Haydut Avcısı
Natuk Baytan (1972) Kan ve Kin
Nuri Akinci (1972) Son düello
Savaş Eşici (1971) Batıdan Gelen Adam
Semih Evin (1971) Safakta silah sesleri
Yilmaz Atadeniz (1969) Ringo vadiler aslani
Yilmaz Duru (1970) Kanun kacaklari - Zalo

this is the review of:

Profesyoneller (1971)
directed by Yavuz Yalinkiliç

disk info:
the disk I got is as far as i know the only print available. looks like its a direct film to disk transfer!
their is a constant white noise over the audio track, and every now and then some the picture skips.

the movie (as most turkish westerns) uses soundtracks of other spaghetti westerns, in this movie we can also hear some spanish/mexican music.

the movie is very enjoyable! shame that it so unknown!
I would say that its stands above alott of italian spaghetti westerns!
the movie is probably inspired by corbucci's revolution trilogy. the main carrecters have nice looking outfits......Jack has a bit of a cheap 70's look......but it doesnt bother so much.
the carrecters all have this comic/spaghetti attitude..... we have a priest, that isnt much of a saint, a midget that steals money of the corpses, a mexican girl that doesnt talk, but knows how to handle a knife, a photografer that has a machine gun hidden in his camera, a psychopath bandit that has some serious mental problemms.......and our main man, that is pretty much the most normal of all(jack). didnt understand the ending of the movie......than I also didnt understand any of the dialogs......didnt spoil the fun for me.

their are more dialogs in the movie as in the others, and i can imagen that the dialogs are important for the story line.......since i dont understand turkish.....I had to interpetade the one and the other.

for introduction:
Good = :)
Bad = :( :) Jack - Levent Çakir :) Jim - Yilmaz Serif :) Girl - Gülten Ceylan :) Priest - Abidin Görsev :) Midget - Cüce Ömer :( Fernando - Kazim Kartal

the movie:

the first scene we see a group of soldiers who want to rape a girl (our girl). Amexican man wants to protect the girl, so he jumps the soldiers and gets killed. the girl runs away and the soldiers follow her. A spanish/mexican song starts and we see fiews of the landscape.

A young man (jack) arrives in his home town, he probably hast been their for a while because his mom is very happy and surprised to see him. the town is controlled by bandits and soldiers.........the bandits are tollorated by the soldiers, they work together.....

Jack visits his old friend Jim (a photografer). Jack doesnt like how the bandits and soldiers thread the villagers and asks Jim to help him to do something against it.....Jim cant be bothered.

Jim meets the girl, the midget and the priest......dont know if they were allready friend or that they just met. The priest overhears a conversation between jack and jim and he runs of to his friends the girl and the midget to tell them that jack and jim also want to attack the bandits.

Jim sneaks into the base of the bandits pretending he is drunk and he wants to take a group picture of the soldiers. he makes some jokes with the soldiers and lines them up next to each other against a wall.
ones jim is behind his camera, the camera turns out to be a machine gun! and he shoots all soldiers. jack continues to Fernando's HQ.
he confrontates fernando infront of all his man and punch him in the face......their were some dialogs...didnt understand them......but i can imagen that Jack and fernando are related....and maybe an other bandit is a third brother?.......anyhow jack can walk away without anything happening after he beat fernando in te face.....normally people get kileld for that!

Jim, Jack, the midget, the girl and the priest team up together to attack the fernando.....Jack kills a bandit....he has some special relationship with the guy...he is very upset after he killed I can imagen this maybe has been the 3th brother??

they continue the attack, this time they send in the priest......the priest walks into to camp and takes one soldier private so he can confess. and they take out the soldiers.
for the second post they send in the girl. all soldiers have eyes for the girl, so the other 4 members of our group are dressed as bushes and sneak by the post.
the kill all soldiers, the priest has a hidden knife in his crucifix.

something is going on at fernando's place...the guy is mentaly pretty messed up.......he just had the dad of a girl hanged......the girl and dad are also related to jack or Jim. after the bandits hanged the old man they take the girl to fernando...who wants to seduce the morring girl......she not in the mood......that same man who is toutching her...just killed her fathe......fernando is offended and tells his man to kill the girl! fernando has his hands to his head..and you can see his mind is playing tricks on him........ its difficult to say what this ment for the movie....what the relationship of the old man and the girl were for Jack and Jim.

anyhow.........for some strange reason Jim, the priest and te midget are captured by the bandits! wasnt explained or showed how......they are hanged up-site down with a rope around their enkels above a barrel of they have to pull their self up not to drown!
Jack finds a way to free them, all bad guys are killed thanks through some acrobatic and gunfire.
the group continues their journy to fernando's hide out.
The final scene.....jack and fernando are face to face in a basement......a fist fight starts. the girl and the priest are also their, they cant shoot fernando, because the risk is to high that they hit Jack. Jack punshes Fernando in the face. he falls on a box, that is filled with dynamite. fernando holds a piese of dynimate in his hands and threads to blow everybody up if they dont back-out...........than Jim apears with his fotocamera/machine gun says something in turkish smiles, points at his camera -SON- the end ?????

and the sleeve I made for my dvdr

    • Turkish Fernando Sanchoshootgringoshoot, Tue Mar 13 5:49pm
      Their is even a Turkish Fernando Sancho! he apears in alott of turkish westerns, what more can you wish fore (Images taken from the movie -Dag Kurdu-)
      • Turkish SANCHOAhmad Ali, Wed Mar 14 10:16am
        the best Fernando Sancho is the original, no one can imitate him or replaced him!
    • Very interesting!BHC, Sun Mar 11 12:04pm
      This is a whole section of the genre that we know very little about. It's certainly a good start at documentation. It's too bad these were never dubbed into other languages, then we might have a... more
      • Re: Very interesting!shootgringoshoot, Sun Mar 11 12:18pm
        very little is known about these movies. ceko and dag kurdu were released with english subtitles (fan project) by a turkish movie fan......the subtitles are not perfect.....but understandable. than... more
        • KUCUK COVBOYEric, Sun Mar 11 3:24pm
          I have to believe that KUCUK COVBOY had an English audio track at one time, or else they wouldn't have gone to the trouble of printing out a promotional booklet in English for the English speaking... more
          • kucuk kovboyshootgringoshoot, Sun Mar 11 4:04pm
            hi eric, its me, tom ........ but you probably guessed that already ;-) the bookled, has an english, french and italian synopses ...... i never came across any dubbed versions of the movie .... or... more
            • Re: kucuk kovboyJohn Nudge, Sun Mar 11 11:10pm
              Cenk Kiral told me that the movies were generally so bad that they were made, shown in Turkey and then relegated to storage. They were made with minuscule budgets that did not allow for decent props, ... more
              • budgetshootgringoshoot, Mon Mar 12 6:55am
                its not a matter of these movies being made bad .......or given a small budget. their was just NO budget! we are talking about turky in the 1960, 1970 ........ in this time a huge part of the turkies ... more
                • Re: budgetcJAMANGO, Mon Mar 12 11:43am
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