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Re: Very interesting!
Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:18pm

very little is known about these movies.

ceko and dag kurdu were released with english subtitles (fan project) by a turkish movie fan......the subtitles are not perfect.....but understandable.

than kaptan swing is released on dvd by onar film....also other turkish movies were released on the label with english subs.....liek the turkish dead-wish, kilink and many more
onar wanted to release more turkish movies ...... but sad anuf the man behind onar dvd (bill) past away last year..... rest in peace bill ....... :(

an other turkish dvd label released 2 zagor movies with english subtitles ...... so a few of the movies can be enjouyed with english subs

one of the turkish westerns -kucuk covboy- (little cowboy) is directed by italian director guido zurli. I have a small promotion bookled(?) of the movie. and their the movie is also reviewed in french and english ....... so i prisumed that the movie might have been released with english audio aswell. I asked a turkish friend, who contacted the company that owns the rights to the movie.....but they said the movie was never released with english audio.........

  • Very interesting!BHC, Sun Mar 11 12:04pm
    This is a whole section of the genre that we know very little about. It's certainly a good start at documentation. It's too bad these were never dubbed into other languages, then we might have a... more
    • Re: Very interesting! — shootgringoshoot, Sun Mar 11 12:18pm
      • KUCUK COVBOYEric, Sun Mar 11 3:24pm
        I have to believe that KUCUK COVBOY had an English audio track at one time, or else they wouldn't have gone to the trouble of printing out a promotional booklet in English for the English speaking... more
        • kucuk kovboyshootgringoshoot, Sun Mar 11 4:04pm
          hi eric, its me, tom ........ but you probably guessed that already ;-) the bookled, has an english, french and italian synopses ...... i never came across any dubbed versions of the movie .... or... more
          • Re: kucuk kovboyJohn Nudge, Sun Mar 11 11:10pm
            Cenk Kiral told me that the movies were generally so bad that they were made, shown in Turkey and then relegated to storage. They were made with minuscule budgets that did not allow for decent props, ... more
            • budgetshootgringoshoot, Mon Mar 12 6:55am
              its not a matter of these movies being made bad .......or given a small budget. their was just NO budget! we are talking about turky in the 1960, 1970 ........ in this time a huge part of the turkies ... more
              • Re: budgetcJAMANGO, Mon Mar 12 11:43am
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