Tom B.
George Stevenson
Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:42pm

George Stevenson is an alias for actor Antonio Dimitri. He plays a deputy at Tuco's Mesilla's hanging.

  • GBU CastAnonymous, Sat Apr 21 12:13pm
    Can anyone describe or put a still from gbu to correctly identify these actors, preferably stills. Thanks Tom B for your help last time and i think your the man for this one. i need this sorted, its... more
    • Juan 'Pelinies' PoriasTom B., Tue Apr 24 6:50pm
      PORIAS, Juan ‘Pelines’ another resident of Burgos, Spain who was the harmonica player in the Betterville band. Information from the same site as the information on Domingo Contreras came from.
      • Re: Juan 'Pelinies' PoriasAnonymous, Sun Apr 29 12:05pm
        Thanks Tom - Did a little research and found that Ettore is Fortunato Arenas son.
    • Domingo ContrerasTom B., Tue Apr 24 6:46pm
      Domingo Contreras is/was a resident of Burgos, Spain where the Betterville Prison was constructed. He was a local musician and a member of the Betterville prison band. This information came from a... more
    • Amerigo CastrighellaTom B., Tue Apr 24 6:37pm
      Here we go again, is this Amerigo Castrighella or Attilio Dottesio. I've seen credits given to this photo for both actors.
    • Ettore ArenaTom B., Tue Apr 24 6:27pm
      This photo is from Per qualche dollaro in meno (1966). He's the young man in the second row with the hat. Ettore Arena as credited with being an observer at Tuco's Mesilla hanging. That would be the... more
    • Lanfranco CeccarelliTom B., Tue Apr 24 5:58pm
      Full name Pietro Lanfranco Ceccarelli. Observer at Tuco's first hanging. The first hanging took place at Elios Studios outside Rome. The second hanging at Mini Hollywood outside Almeria.
    • Enrique SantiagoTom B., Tue Apr 24 5:53pm
      Some cast lists credit him as Al Frisco, others one of the Tuco bounty hunters.
    • Franco DimitriTom B., Tue Apr 24 5:45pm
      Could be Antonio Di Mitri's brother, could be a misprint and another alias for Antonio Di Mitir, or he could be billed as George Stevenson in some releases and Franco Di Mitri in others.
    • George Stevenson — Tom B., Tue Apr 24 5:42pm
    • Angelo NoviTom B., Tue Apr 24 5:33pm
      Plays the monk at the mission who greets Tuco and Blondie when they arrive. Was the still photographer for this and all the Leone westerns.
    • Román AriznavarretaTom B., Tue Apr 24 5:30pm
      Played one of the bounty hunters who originally capture Tuco before Clint steps in.
    • William ConroyTom B., Tue Apr 24 5:24pm
      William Conroy was on Rawhide with Clint Eastwood. He became his double and did most of the riding scenes for Clinbt in FISTFUL OF DOLLARS. He's the guy whose seen as The Man with No Name riding back ... more
      • William Conroy errorTom B., Fri May 11 2:51pm
        The Man in the green shirt is actually William "W.R." Thompkins. He played Toothless on Rawhide with Clint. Thompkins was dropped from the series and any future films with Eastwood after voicing his... more
    • Jose Galera BalazoteTom B., Tue Apr 24 5:11pm
      Played the runt in the opening gun duel in ADIOS SABATA. He was most likely in the crowd scene at Tuco's second hanging. Credit came from his biography.
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