Some hope of a release. A PAL blu-ray release is coming BUT
Sun Jul 7, 2013 9:47am

there is an item in Wikipedia that says "Grindhouse Releasing, in association with original rights holder Columbia Pictures/Sony, is currently working on a digital restoration of film, including the full unedited director's cut for release on Blu-ray in the United States."

Franco's release is awsome, ut a North Amerian release in blu-ray would be most welcome. We can only hope.

  • GundownBHC, Sat Jul 6 8:17pm
    THE BIG GUNDOWN was an early Franco Cleef release, not Wild East. I think the North America rights are owned by Columbia, so WE probably can't release it. I agree FACE TO FACE is due for a good... more
    • Some hope of a release. A PAL blu-ray release is coming BUT — garfer, Sun Jul 7 9:47am
      • Big Gundown Blu-RaySundance, Sun Jul 7 3:40pm
        Grindhouse has already announced the Big Gundown Blu-Ray for USA. Not sure if it will be out before the end of the year (I remember one date being October but not sure if it was for some other disc... more
        • The Big Gundown Sony US PrintSilence, Tue Jul 9 4:48pm
          I saw the Sony Pictures extended US cut of the film at the London Film Festival last year and during the introduction by a senior Sony head and Sir Christopher Frayling, it was stated this print was... more
          • Big GundownAlly Lamaj, Sat Sep 7 12:47pm
            Grindhouse has been working hard at releasing the Big Gundown but the sudden death of Sasha Stallone has caused delays. Ulrich Bruchner has released it in Germany on Blu-Ray and it can play on any... more
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