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Tom B.
RIP Tonino Valerii
Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:13am

Italian director, assistant director, writer and actor Tonino Valerii died in Abruzzo, Italy on October 13th. He was 82. Born Antonio Valerii on May 20, 1934 in Montorio al Vomano, Teramo, Italy, he started his film career as an assistant director on Sergio Leone's “A Fistful of Dollars” (1965), before moving on to direct by himself. Among his best-known films are “Day of Anger” (1968) “The Price of Power” (1969), “A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die” (1972) and “My Name Is Nobody” (1973).

If you haven't read a copy of Roberto Curti's new biography on Valerii it is well worth it.

    • RIP, Tonino...the Curse continues!DCG, Sat Nov 5 2:00am
      The Curse being Publishing One's Life Story (via AutoBio or Authorized Bio under someone else's authorship). Tonino Valerii: The Films (Roberto Curti) McFarland, 2016... more
    • Tonino Valleriswfreak, Thu Oct 20 12:00am
      another tragic loss. He was very talented.
    • Rest In Peace ToninoIndio, Tue Oct 18 1:38pm
      I just got through watching My Name Is Nobody on DVD last week. Day Of Anger is one of my favorites of his and a great teaming of Guiliano Gemma and LVC.
      • Re: Rest In Peace ToninoAnonymous, Thu Oct 27 10:04pm
        This is very very saddening. I can't believe it, but I guess it's not to be unexpected.
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