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Tue May 16, 2017 2:17pm

Just watched them both. I agree John, Ramon the Mexican had a lot of riding from here to there, probably to fill up screen time. And it did appear to borrow the plot loosely from Fistful of Dollars. All in all, a very enjoyable movie.

California was also very good, especially for a late entry to the genre (1977). What struck me were the few similarities to Outlaw Josey Wales which was filmed the year before. From the opening scene where the Confederates were surrendering, to the fact that the main protagonist had a young sidekick in Willy, to the end scene where Nelson like Fletcher in 'Outlaw,' confronts his enemy and says he's looking for a man named Michael Random and that he has gone away, effectively telling him he won't pursue him any longer. Just those three plot points led me to believe Outlaw Josey Wales which was released the year before may have influenced director Michele Lupo while making California.

  • RAMON THE MEXICAN-CALIFORNIA From Wild East Ramon the Mexican / California Directors: Maurizio Pradeaux / Michele Lupo Starring: Robert Hundar, Wilma Lindama, Jean Louis / Giuliano Gemma, William... more
    • Re: Review of RAMON THE MEXICAN/CALIFORNIA — Indio, Tue May 16 2:17pm
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