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What an excellent write up
Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:06am

As a longtime lurker, occasional poster with an interest in the Almeria locations, I've always enjoyed the board over the years. I was always stoked when someone involved in the making of the films themselves or their family members posted on the board as it was always great to hear how they were doing. I particularly remember the son of Dutch actor Roel Bos (Glen Saxson) dropping by as I have always had a soft spot for Django Spara Per Primo. It's a shame it's so quiet these days.

  • History of the Spaghetti Western Web BoardJohn Nudge, Sun Oct 8 12:43pm
    A brief history the Spaghetti Web Board on Lee Broughton's wonderful site "Current Thinking on the Western: An Internet Resource for Scholars of the Western Worldwide."... more
    • This forumAntónio Rosa, Thu Oct 19 6:03pm
      was one of my best experiences on the western spaghetti. I learned many things, I remembered many things and learned, above all, that after all the western spaghetti was not dead. Thank you, John.... more
    • An excellent write up sir.garfer, Wed Oct 11 2:49pm
      This board has provided a wealth of information on the spaghetti westerns over the last several years. Most enjoyable and a great group of fans.
      • Great post JohnIndio, Thu Oct 12 1:28pm
        A nice historical recap was long overdue. I love this board. I'm proud to say I've been posting here since approximately 2001. I know back then I thoroughly enjoyed some of the more livelier posts... more
    • What an excellent write up — Rodalquilar, Tue Oct 10 8:06am
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