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An excellent write up sir.
Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:49pm

This board has provided a wealth of information on the spaghetti westerns over the last several years. Most enjoyable and a great group of fans.

  • History of the Spaghetti Western Web BoardJohn Nudge, Sun Oct 8 12:43pm
    A brief history the Spaghetti Web Board on Lee Broughton's wonderful site "Current Thinking on the Western: An Internet Resource for Scholars of the Western Worldwide."... more
    • This forumAntónio Rosa, Thu Oct 19 6:03pm
      was one of my best experiences on the western spaghetti. I learned many things, I remembered many things and learned, above all, that after all the western spaghetti was not dead. Thank you, John.... more
    • An excellent write up sir. — garfer, Wed Oct 11 2:49pm
      • Great post JohnIndio, Thu Oct 12 1:28pm
        A nice historical recap was long overdue. I love this board. I'm proud to say I've been posting here since approximately 2001. I know back then I thoroughly enjoyed some of the more livelier posts... more
    • What an excellent write upRodalquilar, Tue Oct 10 8:06am
      As a longtime lurker, occasional poster with an interest in the Almeria locations, I've always enjoyed the board over the years. I was always stoked when someone involved in the making of the films... more
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