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You probably know this but
Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:35am

You can view the individual grave markers through the Sad Hill Cultural Association website.

Just click on each section to view the markers.

I hope this helps and I'm happy to look through them for you.

  • Sad Hill grave markerTucumcari, Tue Nov 28 7:55pm
    Back in Febuary 2016 I made a donation for a Sad Hill grave marker in my name. I would like to see a photo of my grave. I have contacted the Sad Hill Cultural Association regarding this but have no... more
    • You probably know this but — Rodalquilar, Wed Nov 29 8:35am
      • RE: Sad Hill Grave MarkerIndio, Thu Nov 30 1:21pm
        Rodalquilar is it still possible to make a donation for a Sad Hill grave marker of my own? If so please let me know how. Tucumcari thank you for bringing this up. I would love to have my own grave... more
        • Asociacion Cultural Sad HillRodalquilar, Thu Nov 30 4:15pm
          Indio, as far as I know, Sad Hill is an ongoing cultural project of renovation though I'm not sure whether you can still donate or not. The contact email for Asociacion Cutural Sad Hill is below:... more
      • Sad Hill grave markerTucumcari, Wed Nov 29 8:15pm
        Hello Rodalquilar, I was not aware of this but MANY thanks to you for informing me. I have found my grave marker. GREAT.
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