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Tom B.
Michael Forest
Fri Jan 5, 2018 9:07am

I talked with Michael Forest about "Now They Call Me Sacramento" and the destruction of the set. He said the explosives had been set and the fires were lit. They could only do one take no matter what happened. He said it was pure chaos as material was literally flying all around them and it was difficult to concentrate on saying whatever lines they had because of the debris, smoke and flames which were almost engulfing them.

  • Burning Down the SetJohn Nudge, Thu Jan 4 10:39am
    'Le llamaban Calamidad' (1972)(aka NOW THEY CALL HIM SACRAMENTO, where they dynamite and burn the set) is in the Mill Creek CD set Ten Thousand Ways to Die.
    • Re: Burning Down The SetIndio, Thu Apr 19 2:01pm
      John just to let you know, NOW THEY CALL HIM SACRAMENTO is also available on DVD from Dorado Films in a twin-pack with THE LAST GUN. It was released in 2012. Decent quality audio/video transfer. I... more
    • Michael Forest — Tom B., Fri Jan 5 9:07am
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