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Thu Feb 8, 2018 1:24pm

Does anyone have any information on the upcoming Howard Hughes mega-book DEATH IN THE DESERT: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SPAGHETTI WESTERNS. It was supposed to be released by this time. I just checked on Amazon, it seems it's release was pushed back to December 7, 2018. I can't wait to get this book. I have the other Howard Hughes books he's written on euro-westerns so if he's writing this one I have full faith and confidence it will be a great addition and maybe the final word on the genre.

    • The book has been delayed by publisherTom B. , Fri Feb 9 10:42am
      I e-mailed Howard today and he responded that the book has been delayed because the publisher thinks it's too big. They want him to consolidate his writings into a smaller condensed book. I asked him ... more
      • re: DEATH IN THE DESERTIndio, Mon Feb 12 9:53am
        Thanks for looking into this Tom. I too hate when Amazon puts out a release date and then have to acknowledge a delay. I hope Mr. Hughes gets his way and can publish his book at whatever volume he... more
      • DEATH IN THE DESERTRichard O., Sun Feb 11 12:05pm
        I was really hoping for a mega-book, but will be happy with installments. I take it that contracts have been signed and dotted, or is it possible another publisher might be in the mix? I have all of... more
        • The book will be a realityTom B., Thu Feb 15 10:27am
          The book is basically finished but the publisher has asked him to trim it back. This will take time and then will have to be resubmitted for approval.
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