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Tom B.
The book has been delayed by publisher
Fri Feb 9, 2018 10:42am

I e-mailed Howard today and he responded that the book has been delayed because the publisher thinks it's too big. They want him to consolidate his writings into a smaller condensed book. I asked him if he could release what he's written into two or three books on the subject? I told him the genre is large enough it deserves a fair assessment and if it takes parts 1, 2 etc. than so be it. In the meantime he's also got his professional writing to do for other companies to make a living. Like most authors he hates when people like Amazon put up fictitious dates that they have no real basis of fact.

All we can do is hope the publisher becomes flexible and allows him to release his material over several volumes of books.

  • DEATH IN THE DESERTIndio, Thu Feb 8 1:24pm
    Does anyone have any information on the upcoming Howard Hughes mega-book DEATH IN THE DESERT: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SPAGHETTI WESTERNS. It was supposed to be released by this time. I just checked on... more
    • The book has been delayed by publisher — Tom B. , Fri Feb 9 10:42am
      • re: DEATH IN THE DESERTIndio, Mon Feb 12 9:53am
        Thanks for looking into this Tom. I too hate when Amazon puts out a release date and then have to acknowledge a delay. I hope Mr. Hughes gets his way and can publish his book at whatever volume he... more
      • DEATH IN THE DESERTRichard O., Sun Feb 11 12:05pm
        I was really hoping for a mega-book, but will be happy with installments. I take it that contracts have been signed and dotted, or is it possible another publisher might be in the mix? I have all of... more
        • The book will be a realityTom B., Thu Feb 15 10:27am
          The book is basically finished but the publisher has asked him to trim it back. This will take time and then will have to be resubmitted for approval.
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