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John Nudge
Re: Bud
Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:25am

Probably not because I don't think he could speak English all that well. You can hear him speaking English in THE FIVE MAN ARMY, but I believe that was recorded live. Someone with more knowledge than me might know for sure.

  • BudLucas, Sun Feb 11 7:55am
    Anybody know: Did Bud Spencer do any of his own English-language dubbing?
    • Re: Bud — John Nudge, Sun Feb 11 10:25am
      • Re: BudIndio, Mon Feb 12 9:57am
        I JUST WATCHED A You-Tube video of an interview with him and Terrence Hill from 1983 in Miami where they were shooting an American movie. I think the show that interviewed them was Entertainment... more
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