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Tom B.
Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:13am

It's located down the road from where the building that was used as the exterior for the church that Indio brings the gang together and preaches his sermon on the cabinet. If you continue down the road to the beach you'll come to the Spanish fort that was used as the prison where Lee Van Cleef was released from prison in Death Rides a Horse. To the East of this location is the location of the house that it is for sale. When I was there with Don Bruce in 2003 the house was still being reconditioned but we walked into the courtyard where the scene with Lee and Israel was filmed.

  • GBU location for saleProfeta, Tue Feb 27 11:09am
    For just 3 million euros...someone interested?
    • Location — Tom B., Wed Feb 28 10:13am
      • Re: LocationIndio, Thu Mar 1 1:01pm
        Tom, regarding that Spanish fort that was used as the prison Lee Van Cleef was released from in Death Rides A Horse, is that the same building Manco from For A Few Dollars More helps prisoner Sancho... more
        • NoTom B., Fri Mar 2 10:20am
          The so called prison where Manco helps Sancho Perez escapes is called Cortijo de Genoveses down the road from the main house at El Romeral. The actual jail cell was on the far right. That portion of... more
          • Re: Nojangoz, Fri Mar 2 7:21pm
            and both butt up against the Mediterranean Sea
    • Re: GBU location for saleJohn Nudge, Wed Feb 28 10:05am
      Where did this appear in GBU?
      • Cut sceneTom B., Wed Feb 28 10:09am
        John it was used as the Confederate Hospital where Angel Eyes goes to find information on Bill Carson. He talks to a Confederate soldier played by Victor Israel who is making a large pot of corn cob... more
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