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Re: 3rd Annual Spaghetti Western Conference
Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:56pm

Thanks for posting Tom. Please keep us informed as to how it turned out. I have a Wild East release that includes El Rojo and the 2011 L.A. Spaghetti Western Film Festival. Is this Conference going to be similar to that one?

    • Re: 3rd Annual Spaghetti Western Conference — Indio, Tue Jul 24 12:56pm
      • HardlyTom B., Tue Jul 24 10:23pm
        Jim Wynorski is hosting it at the Tin Horn Saloon in Burbank will just be small gathering of fans who will sit around drink a few beers and talk SWs till they kick us out. We used to do this once in... more
        • Re: 3rd Annual Spaghetti Western ConferenceIndio, Mon Jul 30 12:58pm
          Tom B. well it still sounds like a lot of fun. Especially the part about waiting to get kicked out! Have fun. I'll be with you guys in spirit.
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