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Re: Howard Hughes' book update
Tue Aug 7, 2018 1:18pm

Thanks for the update Tom. Looking forward to this title. And if it takes a little longer, all the better knowing that it wasn't rushed out. I noticed Mr. Hughes changed the original cover of a closeup of Clint, to a full photo of his walking (serape and all) down a side street, looks like it's from For A Few Dollars More. I think the new cover will be better, as it more closely identifies this as a spaghetti western book, instead of the up-close tight shot of Clint's face.

  • Howard Hughes' book updateTom B., Mon Jul 30 2:47pm
    Howard e-mailed me this morning the following information: IB Tauris, the publisher that has the book, was taken over in May this year by Bloomsbury Publishing (they're a massive outfit and have the... more
    • Re: Howard Hughes' book update — Indio, Tue Aug 7 1:18pm
      • CoverTom B, Sun Aug 12 10:55am
        Sometimes the covers have not been designed when they advertise the book and they just throw a photo in there so this may not be the cover that appears on the book when it is released. Will have to... more
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