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Two Gun Jordan
Re: RIP Burt Reynolds
Sat Sep 8, 2018 8:50pm

One night I was hanging with a friend and he brought up the story about how Burt turned down DIE HARD. He started to talk about what could have been, spaghetti western wise, if Burt had done DJANGO and Nero wound up with NAVAJO JOE.
I just looked at him.
"Not that far off, actually." he replied. "Think about it. Nero essentially did a NAVAJO JOE with KEOMA, and when I first saw the poster for THE MAN WHO LOVED CAT DANCING, it reminded me a lot of the DJANGO spin off posters they made at the time."
Okay, it was a thought...
"I mean, Nero as Django is set in stone. Spaghetti western corner stone. And Burt did a fine job as Joe. But I sometimes could see it the other way."
Fair enough.
I really wish, however, his movie with Clint, CITY HEAT, had been better. That could have been a classic like THE STING or BUTCH AND SUNDANCE if it had been handled with more care.
What could have been, huh??

  • Re: RIP Burt ReynoldsIndio, Sat Sep 8 9:08am
    Rest In Peace Burt. Navajo Joe is a wonderful movie. You may not have liked it and dismissed it as something people had to be “forced to watch,” but whether you like it or not, this will always be... more
    • Re: RIP Burt Reynolds — Two Gun Jordan, Sat Sep 8 8:50pm
      • Re: RIP Burt ReynoldsIndio, Mon Sep 10 11:28am
        Very interesting Two Gun...I am sure Burt felt that way looking back many years after the films were made. What bothers me about it is if he did Django and it was as wildly successful as it was with... more
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