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Re: RIP Burt Reynolds
Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:28am

Very interesting Two Gun...I am sure Burt felt that way looking back many years after the films were made. What bothers me about it is if he did Django and it was as wildly successful as it was with Franco Nero it might've altered his career. He might've stayed on in Europe and become more know as a spaghetti western actor and might not have broken out here in the states as he did. He never liked Navajo Joe for some reason. Joking how it was only shown in prisons and airplanes where they were forced to watch it. My opinion on why he hated it was maybe he didn't like to talk in the somewhat "stilted" monosyllabic language he had to speak as an Indian. Yet I'm just reading that he played a native American in quite a few movies and TV shows in the sixties.

  • Re: RIP Burt ReynoldsTwo Gun Jordan, Sat Sep 8 8:50pm
    One night I was hanging with a friend and he brought up the story about how Burt turned down DIE HARD. He started to talk about what could have been, spaghetti western wise, if Burt had done DJANGO... more
    • Re: RIP Burt Reynolds — Indio, Mon Sep 10 11:28am
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